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All are welcome to join....and you don’t need to own a boat!

The Island Cruising Club was formed with the objective of providing a sailing opportunity for people who don’t own a boat. We encourage members to sail the keelboat fleet (see below) by themselves during weekdays and weekends, and to participate in club sailing and races at weekends. We will have regular social events and training onboard our clubhouse ship, Egremont, moored in Salcombe harbour.



The Island Cruising Club was formed in 1951 in Salcombe, Devon, by John Baylay. He was joined in the early days by his wife and a small group of friends who funded and organised the acquisition and usage of a fleet of classic yachts. The membership of the club grew to a maximum of around 1,500 sailors in the 1980’s and required the establishment of a dinghy training facility to teach basic sailing skills. The current clubhouse is Egremont, a former Mersey ferry, which has been converted to provide accommodation and refreshments for members and students. In 2011, the Club decided to separate the running and upkeep of Egremont, the dinghy training facility, and the members’ club into three distinct entities.

Read “Our Island Story” The first 30 years of the ICC



The Island Cruising Club operates a fleet of keelboats which comprise 6 Squibs  and 2 Solings. These boats are moored in Salcombe harbour, close to Egremont, and are fully equipped and rigged. They provide the opportunity to sail in the sheltered waters of Salcombe estuary between Kingsbridge and the harbour entrance. Qualified sailors may also sail in “The Range”, outside the harbour.

In addition, a group of members own Island Spirit, a 37’ Delphia yacht, which is available for members’ sailing and for training courses.

The Club also owns two large passenger launches, “Shamrock” and “Duncan”, which are used to ferry members between the shore and Egremont, and a RIB which is used as a safety boat for any sailing outside the harbour. These boats are also intended to be used for excursions by members, or for individual use by members.


The main activity of the Club is day sailing of keelboats in Salcombe harbour, or out in The Range, either individually, or in organised races (which will be held on Saturday afternoons in summer). Cruises and training for RYA examinations will also be organised on Island Spirit during the season. The clubhouse and bar on board Egremont will be open on Saturday afternoons between 1700 and 1930 in summer. Members’ evenings with food will also be organised during the sailing season. Click for Forthcoming Events.


Everyone who sails with the Club has to be a member, but membership is inexpensive and open to all, with no references required. Once a member you become a joint owner of the Club's own sailing fleet, the launches, and a way of life.

Members can either join individually, as couples, or as a family. Reduced rates are applicable to junior members.

Fees for membership and daily sailing fees are set out in detail here

If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact the Membership Secretary  

To download an Application for Membership Form click here


New members of the Island Cruising Club will be joining an organisation with a long and proud history. They will have the opportunity to sail, at a very reasonable cost, with like-minded individuals of all levels of experience. The social side of sailing will be available on board an historic vessel, moored in a pristine location in the heart of the beautiful South Hams. Members will be able to learn, and to pass on their skills to other members, and to enjoy competitive racing amongst friends on “class” boats.

Membership of the Island Cruising Club gives the opportunity to access many other Yacht Clubs around the country and worldwide, and to meet fellow sailors. Members living in locations outside South Devon are encouraged to form groups to meet and socialise during the year.