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Dear Members
14 May 2017                                                                                                

Since my update of last year, the return to Salcombe of our clubhouse base on Egremont has been delayed to the autumn/winter due to the extent of the ship’s stabilisation project which has grown substantially since she left Salcombe last October. The good news is that she will be coming back to Salcombe and when she returns she will have completed a 30 year life extension refit.
In the meantime Island Spirit will be our rendezvous on the water for this year.
Training courses normally run Sunday to Friday leaving her free to use as a base on most Saturdays.
Part of the Egremont Trust’s (ET) operating plan for this season is to take on the running of the Kingsbridge/Salcombe ferry service. When the ferry is not in use because of the tide, or lack of it, we also hope to be able to use Rivermaid as a rendezvous on alternate Saturday afternoons/early evenings during this season.
Now we know what is happening, and that we do have a future, we have applied to the RYA for an extension to our training recognition to include keelboat tuition; initially we will be running weekend courses to Keelboat  Level  1&2.
To comply with requirements we need to have help from an RYA Senior Instructor who has a keelboat endorsement.  I am very pleased to say that Ben Lesworth will be our Chief Instructor Keelboats and he will be running the non-residential weekend courses. 
Training dates will be published on the club website in the near future. ICC received a legacy gift a few years ago for the promotion of sail training and we aim to use some of this money to offer a limited number of subsidised RYA keelboat courses this season- please enquire for more details.
By re-starting keelboat training  our local membership will grow. More beginners will be able to sail more frequently than just Saturday afternoons because they will have been professionally taught  and have the confidence to sail on their own. We hope this will lead to increased use of the clubs’s fleet.
Also for this season our Chief Instructor Cruising, Tony Bale, will be running Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper, Comp Crew and Start Sailing courses on Island Spirit. Course dates are on the website but members can also choose another date by ringing the office number. There are also some cruises, scheduled to various places, if a more relaxed week ticks the box. Online theory courses for Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and upwards can be booked through the clubs website with how to do it guidance available over the phone if you ring club office on 01548844631.

Club admin news – I am glad to report that sailing member Richard Brewster has, following an extremely welcome offer of help, been co-opted as Rear Commodore Treasurer. The Club Committee is now my wife Judy and me, Keith Baker and Richard. We are also supported by pro-tem committee members Dirk, Charles and Peter. Also local members are helping in supporting roles - Diane Baker looks after club admin, Richard Whitfield (RW) and Martyn Jenkins look after fleet maintenance, the RIB Gemini and launches. Thanks also to RW who is now membership secretary.
The club’s fleet this year will be Island Spirit, 2 solings, 2 squibs, our RIB Gemini  and launches Shamrock and Duncan.
We would like to buy a Hawk 20, a versatile 20ft self-righting, unsinkable, sea going day boat   ( http://www.hawk20.co.uk/  ) which with a permanently mounted outboard makes getting  to sea easier when there are light winds or strong tides. This class is the way forward for club sailing both up the creeks and to escape from an ever increasingly busy harbour and enjoy the sea room on the other side of “The Bar”. Donations to buy the first boat would be really appreciated; please get in touch with me if you can help.
Shamrock’s £5,000 legacy refit is just about finished and she’s looking good. She will be the smaller launch for the ship’s passenger service and revenue from this will go towards her upkeep and operating costs.
Many of us well know the rich history of ICC and also where we are today but what of the future?
We all look forward to Egremont’s return which will herald new opportunities for ICC. The ensuite cabins on the upper deck will be perfect for members looking for a comfortable stay on board  during a visit to the ship and Salcombe. We also look forward to re-fitting the “Pugwash Bar” and creating an Egremont and ICC heritage centre to display the club’s history for everyone to see and share. We have kept many log books, paintings, old journals, brochures and hundreds of photos for members to enjoy delving in to. The number of people coming to Egremont is going to dramatically increase from next year onwards and we can only see the increased exposure of the club being a good thing.
I and we can see very clearly a bright future for ICC following Egremont’s return from her 30 year life extension refit. 
From 2018 members, friends, children and grandchildren will once again be able to enjoy summer dinghy courses with the club arranging bookings as before. The club will also still have its own small fleet of keelboats and launches as well as Island Spirit for members to use.
So we have one more season to wait before we can turn the page to a new era in the club’s ongoing history.
Thank you for your continuing support of ICC, a special Club worth preserving.
Best wishes for an enjoyable summer,

Richard Martin