One day.  This certificate is recognised in many countries abroad as evidence of ability to skipper a yacht and can (and should) be applied for by anyone with a Day Skipper Certificate.  Alternatively, a skipper with knowledge to Day Skipper standard, who does not have a Day Skipper Certificate can undertake a written and practical test over one day.  The application form with the syllabus can be down loaded from the RYA website


For 2018 the ICC will be offering skippered summer cruises in which members can participate in all, or individual parts, of the proposed cruise.   The program for 2018 is  Salcombe to Penzance and Penzance via Scilly returning to Salcombe, taking a 1 week. 

The emphasis will be on relaxed cruising, but passages will provide opportunity for mile-building and for suitably qualified members to sail as Mates for approval as Club Skippers.



  1. Start yachting can mix with Day Skipper 2 day course
  2. Competent Crew can mix with Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster preparation.
  3. Day Skipper can mix with Competent Crew.
  4. Coastal Skipper can mix with Competent Crew
  5. Yachtmaster Offshore and Coastal can mix with Competent crew
  6. Competent Crew courses may be run over 5 days, 3days+2 days or 3 weekends
  7. Day Skipper courses may be run over 5 days, 3 days + 2 days or 3 weekends
  8. Coastal Skipper course must be run over a minimum of 5 days,
  9. Yachtmaster preparation can for any length of time but is often 5 days
  10. Completion of a 2 days Start Yachting course can count towards a 5 day Competent Crew course (i.e. the customer completes a further 3 days at Competent Crew level
  11.  Please note: Yachtmaster Examination fees are paid direct to the examiner and are charged in addition to our 5-day course fees.