RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Therory


Pre-course requirements
Students wishing to achieve the RYA Ocean theory certificate and Ocean Yachtmaster should be at Coastal / Yachtmaster level with their exiting theory.
Even with lots of sailing experience it would be difficult to complete this course
without any formal theory training.
Apart from a thorough knowledge of position fixing and plotting the course requires a good understanding of latitude and longitude.

Why you should choose this course
No other provider is offering an RYA ocean theory course as good as this one. I have had nothing but fantastic feedback for this comprehensive detailed course.
The animated diagrams show you not only how to do sight reductions but why and how it all works.

Prices £285 including postage and package
Priced at £285 with postage to anywhere in Europe, RYA online assessment and certificate are all included in the price, all you need to add is a 2b pencil, a rubber and pencil sharpener.
A printer is needed to print off plotting sheets and pro-formers.

How long do I have to complete it.
Your course will not expire until you pass you will never need to buy the course again.
Your access last 6 months after which there is a £30 option to renew as many times as you like until you pass. You can also put your course on hold if you go through a patch where you are unable to continue.

Extended access
Once you have completed and passed your course you have free access to the lessons for two years.

How do I take the assessment
The assessment can be taken online or at a participating training centre. If your certificate is for commercial use then the assessment can be invigilated by a professional person.

You are not under pressure to keep up, can do it when ever you feel like it and when you have the time.

This course is offered by Island Cruising club and run by Navathome.com

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