Updates for 2021

June 2021

Last weekend a party of club member took Lady Adrienne to Plymouth to be lifted at Plymouth Yacht Haven to be Antifouled and other essential maintenance items. All the work was undertaken by club members. They left on the Friday and returned the following Monday in perfect weather following a 4 delay due to the travel hoist getting a puncher and we had to wait to launch.

See YouTube link below

Returning from Plymouth

February 2021

Dear Member,

What a trying year 2020 was and I hope you, your families and friends are weathering this ongoing storm. All being well with the roll out of the Covid vaccine we can really look forward to and plan for a more “normal” season this year.

 A piece of good news to share is that we have bought a Hawk 20 dayboat using money in a separate account for youth sailing. The Hawk 20 is a real bonus for the Club because it is a perfect boat for sailing for disadvantaged and special needs children as well as being a great dayboat for family sailing. These boats rarely come up for sale and we are very grateful to the previous owner for offering her to ICC before putting her on the open market. We have renamed her Festina in memory of the Club’s, yesteryear dayboat of the same name.

Obviously, all our renewal plans for ICC 2020 have been put on hold and there was only a little sailing done. Nevertheless, we have kept everything afloat and have made quite a bit of progress in the planning of what to do next.

After quite a lot of deliberation the committee team can see a way forward for 2021 which focusses on being positive and getting the Club functioning before we try to re-start dinghy sailing for children. To achieve this we have had to accept that there are not enough of us on the ground to support and train new members and that this fact actually helps explain one of the main reasons why we haven’t been able to move forward in the past. If you can, please have a look at this youtube link which shows how Brighton Sailing Club has dealt with the same problems we are encountering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQtVTgnG-j4&ab_channel=RoyalYachtingAssociation-RYA

So, after much thought and taking advice from the RYA, we believe that the only way forward to re-start the club is to recruit an RYA Senior Instructor who can be our Chief Instructor for this season. Having a Chief Instructor fulfils a key RYA requirement which will allow us to request RYA recognition as a centre for keelboat and powerboat training. The problem is, we can’t be sure how this season will pan out and we don’t have the spare cash to underwrite the cost of a member of staff.

You may recall that when we embarked on the successful project to buy our clubhouse Lady Adrienne we knew that Phase 2 (getting the sailing centre up and running) would need some financial support and that we could not use the money that was donated to keep Lady Adrienne running for the 2 years (2020 /21).

Obviously, the loss of 2020 time and income was quite a setback to our plans. With the uncertainties of this year together with the pressing necessity to get the club up and running again, we have decided that we have to ask members and supporters for a bit more help.

We have been waiting to see if the club can operate this year and it looks like we can even though it may not be completely back to “normal”. If all goes according to plan, we should be able to organise enough income generating work for the Chief Instructor this year to cover his/her wages and costs so that the donations are really a “plan B “ contingency to make sure that in a worst case scenario the club can pay wages and survive another Covid challenging year. It is very encouraging to hear that bookings for accommodation in and around Salcombe are pretty much full so there should be lots of demand for things to do on the water – so we need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities coming our way!

The financial help needed falls into three areas: salary for a Chief Instructor, money to pay for a small pontoon to berth launches alongside Lady Adrienne and a little extra to cover basic local advertising and contingencies like an engine breakdown or equipment failure. Our target is to raise approximately £25,000 quickly so that we can recruit a member of staff as soon as possible and be ready to start the season in May. Please help if you can and send me an email or ring me to say what you can do.

We have attached some extra detail of our thinking behind the strategy we have chosen. Please feel free to comment either by return or ask questions at the AGM.

Although 2021 is full of uncertainties and challenges we do think we have a way forward now that we have a base and a viable plan. The clock is ticking so if at all possible please help with an early donation.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Martin ( Commodore)            commodore@islandcruisingclub.co.uk or tel 07967597527

ICC AGM 2021– the club’s AGM will have to be held via a Zoom meeting which is not ideal but will enable more members to join in. The meeting will start at 17:30 on Saturday 13th March and the joining details are below:


Meeting ID: 892 8363 9819

Passcode: 622403

One tap mobile number is 02030512874

For landlines the dial in number is 02030512874

Updates for 2020

October 2020

Lady Adrienne, the Club House, safely re located to the western side of The Bag for the winter on the pontoon.

In the picture, members are preparing the new generator so that it could be hauld up the side of Lady Adrienne, down into the galley and then into the engine room to be installed.

At 120 kilo’s it took all four hauling it up on individual ropes whilst Clive guided from the jetty and reverse procedure down into the galley and then into the engine room for reinstallation.

ICC members update August 2020

Dear Members and Supporters,

It is really good news to be able to report that members and supporters have together contributed all the money needed to buy Lady Adrienne ( Lady A). She is now owned by the Club and is lying on her fore and aft mooring on the east side of The Bag for members and guests to use. A simple call or email to me is all that’s needed for you to go aboard at any time to get the feel of ICC’s new clubhouse.

On September 5th we are organising a simple open day and evening for everyone to come aboard. The Club’s small fleet and launches are all available for members. We realise this is short notice but it has been very difficult to forward plan anything this year for obvious reasons.

Itinery: Snack Lunch 13:00. Afternoon chilling, sailing and launching. At 18:00 Lady Adrienne will slip her moorings for a trip out to sea and back with a light supper for those joining in. ( Launches out from Batson slip pontoon at 12:00, 13:45, 17:30. Return launches by request).

Please let me know if you can come because we need to manage numbers ref covid-19 measures.

Keeping in touch – although there are many really important ICC facebook pages we really do need one official page for current club coms. Please go to this page for current news and chat https://www.facebook.com/IslandCruisingClub/ 

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the clubhouse project. If on reading this great news you would like to help with the funding needed to set up the dinghy section for next year then please get in touch with me. Lady A needs all sorts of work to keep her going so please let me know if you have any skills you would like to offer. Free accommodation on board for helpers!

Exciting times lie ahead as together we try to rebuild ICC.

I will be in touch again as and when we have more news.

Best regards,


 Working from her bottom up

Great job for the lock down, anti-fouling Lady Adrienne the new club house. All done in a single tide but needed wellies to finish it off with a return to her mooring in the dark.


The club has a new location in the west side of the Bag, with a dedicated pontoon with all the club boats; Island Spirit is on an adjacent mooring.

There has been and will be a lot of work for the volunteers making the big move to this new pontoon and we are always looking for additional help. If you can spare some time, please contact Richard Martin on 07967597527 or email icc.admin@islandcruisingclub.co.uk.