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Sailing towards a future – ICC needs your help

My name is Stephanie and I asked you to join my petition to try and save Egremont. She is not coming home to Salcombe and The Egremont Trust is trying to save her from being scrapped.  Looking forward now to Salcombe, Island Cruising Club (ICC) refuses to give up and is looking for a way to buy a floating base.

With backing from large numbers of us, the ICC could be rebuilt into whatever form its supporters wish. ICC Commodore Richard Martin has proposed a plan to create a new floating base for everyone. This plan asks for financial pledges of support to see if we can get enough support to get this project off the ground. Please help by filling in the Pledge Form. An email reply/ commitment is all we need at this stage

Online Pledge Form

If we can raise the target of £450,000, the ICC committee says that a new RYA sailing school ca n be formed with a 20m boat as a base and a new fleet of dinghies and safety boats. If we raise more than this, the plans could get bigger and more exciting.

Where will be the new home for ICC? The replacement Club HQ will be berthed alongside a pontoon on the west side of The Bag in Salcombe Harbour. Our vision is to choose a vessel with enough space for a bar, small galley, lecture room, changing room, heads, office and cabins for four staff members. For 2019 onwards, Salcombe Harbour Master has already been very helpful and located a large harbour pontoon in the new location. The ICC launches and keelboats are alongside now. Future dinghies and safety boats needed for the RYA training centre for children will also be operated from the pontoon alongside the Club’s new vessel.

Please email questions, comments, pledges and all offers of support to future@islandcruisingclub.co.uk.  Richard Martin is happy for you to call him directly onw 07967 597527 if you need to KNOW more about the plan before you DECIDE.

The ICC is a “not for profit” Community Amateur Sports Club and is registered for Gift Aid. Its mission is to provide affordable sailing and boating for everyone who doesn’t own a boat and to provide an RYA sailing school especially for children. By supporting this project you will be helping to preserve something very unique – we will only get one opportunity to pull together on this so please help if you can and ask friends and colleagues to help as well.

If like me you would like your children, or their children, or children generally, to experience the pure joy of adventure time at the ICC IN SALCOMBE, then now is the time to team up and help map the ICC’s future which includes bringing along all the best of the past so it’s not lost or forgotten.

Many thanks

Stephanie Danby