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Keelboat sailing with ICC

Get Keelboat sailing with ICC

Low cost day sailing and subsidised RYA keelboat training in beautiful Salcombe Harbour

Salcombe Harbour and the open sea sailing along the nearby coast is the playground for ICC keelboat sailors.

The club has a small keelboat fleet of squibs and solings Keelboats have a fixed keel and are the boats for you if you prefer to be in a boat that doesn’t capsize and is big enough to be safe for open sea sailing.

Club members jointly own all the boats so you too can be a joint owner of a keelboat for just the cost of membership.

Experienced new members only have to demonstrate their competence by passing a straightforward assessment of their skills and knowledge of the local area. A thorough briefing on all safety issues is always given to new members who don’t know the area before the assessment!

So after joining the club what is cost of keelboat sailing?

New to sailing?

ICC is an RYA Training Centre for keelboats. If you have never sailed before then the best thing to do is to enrol on a keelboat course which will train you to sail in the boats you will be sailing. There is a special fund which subsidises the cost of your training so that the total cost for 3 weekends of non-residential sail training is £120. Picnic lunch is £5/day and lifejacket hire is free for training courses.

All up this amounts to £150* to become a competent safe sailor enjoying brilliant sailing in and around Salcombe Harbour.

*This low cost start sailing offer for beginners is limited to 6 new members for 2018 and is restricted to new members who want to sail regularly using a season ticket-see below.

Other ways to get your training done? As a beginner you could choose to go for a full price non-residential RYA training course to Keelboat Level 1+2 run by ICC for £450. Or you could choose to do the different training modules rya syllabus separately- please ask for more info. RYA level  1&2 certificates are the basic requirement for members who want to sail independently. If you are a good sailor and can demonstrate equivalent knowledge and experience to RYA Level 1&2 then you don’t need to do a course- just demonstrate your competence by passing a straightforward assessment 

Please make the word assessment link to the keelboat assessment page

When you are  qualified you can book and take a club boat out whenever you want and for as many times as you want on any day of the week if the boat is free and weather is ok.

Getting out to your boat is easy, Salcombe Harbour Authority run a Water Taxi service which runs frequently in season and costs . The club runs a free launch service on club afternoons and evenings .

After qualifying you can choose how much sailing you want to do.

If you just want to sail occasionally then the cost is £25 per person per half day.

Low cost regular sailors option. The cheapest way to sail if you’re sailing every week is to buy a season ticket payable weekly by standing order at £20/week for 20 weeks or £10 / week spread over 40 weeks. The season ticket runs from April to October. You will need someone to crew with you. The supplement for your crew to pay is £10 per sail (£5 for young sailors aged 10-16). Your crew can also take up a season ticket to make sailing regularly very affordable.

The regular sailor option has to be the best value for money sailing anywhere! After all where else can you get access to unlimited sailing* for £10 per week!!

*Subject to being a sailing member of ICC and weather and boat availability

Other benefits of being a club member?

The obvious benefit is being with like minded people and sharing sailing experience and the joys of Salcombe harbour. Club get togethers are 2 Saturday afternoons and 2 Thursday evenings a month depending on the tide and weather. Communication is by email text and facebook.

ICC has a small diesel powered launch called Duncan. After training, members can hire the boat to potter round the harbour, explore the creeks , go to the pub on the tide for a meal. Cost is £50/day or free to season ticket holders ( except you pay for fuel- not a lot for a small boat running on diesel- approx £5-10 per time  depending on where you go)

Sailing season 2018 starts Saturday 14 April

First RYA training course for beginners runs for 3 weekends of the following 4 allowing for one weekend which has to be postponed due to bad weather 14/15 April, 28/29 April, 12/13 May and 26/27 May.

For more info and a general chat about how easy it is to get sailing with ICC please ring Richard Martin on 07967597527…..