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Keelboat Safety

Island Cruising Club Keelboat Safety

Effective 1 November 2014

All persons sailing on Club boats must be Club members or their guests, and must also pay a sailing fee before setting sail.

Members must take responsibility for their sailing as if it were their own boat.

Island Cruising Club Soling, Salcombe Devon

  1. All persons helming keelboats must be 18 years +, be signed off as qualified to helm according to the ICC Keelboat Register or be expressly authorised by ICC Duty Officer or Commodore, and be sailing members of the Island Cruising Club.
  2. Members or members’ guests may helm keelboats under the close supervision of a suitably qualified helm (as per above)
  3. All persons in the keelboat must wear self-inflating lifejackets at all times.
  4. Process for using the keelboat:
    1. Check that you have the following: lifejackets, chart, tide tables, mobile phone/VHF radio
    2. Perform a visual check of the vessel to ensure she is sea-worthy, especially check the standing rigging and the rudder.
    3. Note the mooring number and how the vessel is tied up (normally a chain and mooring line pulled up close to the buoy and tied 2 feet above the base of the mast with a round turn and 2 half-hitches, plus a loose painter with a full turn on the mooring ring).
    4. Empty bilges of water.
    5. Set sails according to the expected conditions, using a reefed main where necessary.
  5. Obey IRPCS (Collision Regs.) at all times, in particular keeping a proper lookout, a safe speed, and giving way to stand on sailing vessels
  6. Do not leave the harbour limits (beyond Wolf Rock/Splatcove Pt.)
  7. Be aware of state and flow of tides, and avoid close proximity to other vessels, shallow areas, and rocks.
  8. Sail safely at all times according to the wind, tide, and traffic.
  9. In the event of an accident or collision, please take full details of any 3rd party and circumstances of accident. Report immediately to Duty Officer and to Salcombe Harbour Office, using Salcombe Harbour Accident Report Form (download below).
  10. After use, leave the vessel exactly as you found her (secure to mooring, tiller tied amidships, sails under cover, halyards secure from frapping)

Download Keelboat Signiture Form from Downloads