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Hebridean Adventure.

We chartered a yacht near Oban and headed to St Kilda out in the Atlantic off the Hebrides. We were lucky to get a fair wind and weather to arrive in Village Bay on St Kilda with only one other yacht that night. We landed first thing in the morning by tender to have the deserted village to ourselves. A magical place to visit assisted by the local warden giving us the history. We were also able to stop at Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Castle Bay on Barra, Lockmaddy in the Outer Hebrides and the island of Canna during the trip. The wildlife was extensive with Dolphins, Minke Whales, Sea Otters, Seals as well as the Puffins and Eagles. All the scenery was dramatic and so was the sea state at times, but we said it would be worth returning, even by car and ferry in the future with our partners.

Arriving at St Kilda

Village Bay

The Vilage

Deseted Village

Food Store

The History

The Local School

Our Yacht in the bay


Canna Post Office and Phone


The Winter Updates

It that time of year when there is a lot happening on the maintenance front by members.

Island Spirit

Island Spirit was hit while she was on her mooring in Salcombe by a visiting yacht in last summer. She is now in Plymouth having a new toe rail fitted and being in Plymouth, it makes it more difficult to do the normal winter maintenance work so we cannot wait to get her back. She is now antifouled, new gas alarm, new Hydrostatic release for life raft and work is completing on new bearings and associated work on the steering brinicle. The sails are away being serviced with both main and genoa requiring work for the season.

The Old Pontoon

The old pontoon has now gone and new mooring for the fleet are being organised for this season. A was a lot of work clearing and disconnecting it but now all clear.

New Moorings

The club fleet will be based on west side of the Bag, on a SHA pontoon for the coming season. This will be a new experience for members and will test there sailing ability to go along site the pontoon.


Duncan was flooded by the excessive rain at the end of the year, with the diesel tank getting water in it. This has been all cleaned out now and fitted with new fuel filters in addition to an oil change while we were there.


She also was flooded but had the alternator/starter damaged by the water and these are being replace.

Keel Boats

Where are in the process of   getting them cleaned and ready for the season


She is out of the water and in storage for the winter

Old Keel boat

The old green squib has come to its end of sailing and has been scrapped.