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Egremont’s return to Salcombe is now in doubt.

Dear fellow member It is with regret that we write to you having been advised that the ICC base (Egremont) of the last 42 years is now unlikely to be returning to Salcombe. Over the last three years, we as the Board of Directors had every reason to believe that Egremont’s refurbishment would result in it returning to Salcombe ready to begin a new chapter with ongoing provision for ICC to share parts of the lower deck including Pugwash at the weekends. We also looked forward to the re-start of the important and popular RYA dinghy school. The club needs a small base to survive and flourish - life without Egremont will be very difficult. Please follow the link to the Egremont Trust web site :- www.egremonttrust.org.uk/news/update-4th-july-2018 Please read this as it clearly sets out the situation. The update is also on the Trust’s website. We have copied one paragraph which summarises the crisis that we face: The project is now on the brink of collapse because the funding has been withdrawn. If no solution is found quickly then the ship is at grave risk of being scrapped, the charity will be dead and Salcombe will lose a unique opportunity for a very special venue. The reason for sending you this message so promptly is to request your help whilst the parties involved still have time before 16th July to reopen meaningful negotiations. Most of you will have good if not glorious memories of your time on Egremont whether it be where you first learnt to sail, sent your children for sailing tuition or met your wife!  You may now be thinking about recommending dinghy sailing for your grandchildren. If you would like to see Egremont return to Salcombe please speak out now. It is our wish that you express strong support for the return of Egremont and as a result persuade any doubters about both the number of members who are prepared to speak out and the passion that they feel for Egremont’s continuing life on her moorings at Salcombe. Why not another 40 years of providing families and especially children from all over the UK with glorious sailing memories. Please write as requested to the Trust richard.martin@egremonttrust.org.uk and/or  Salcombe Harbour Board through the Salcombe Harbour Office   salcombe.harbour@southhams.gov.uk and express your views in your own way. A simple message of support for a return of Egremont to Salcombe is what is needed. Please help us with an email to the above addresses in the next few days. Alternatively, please write to club email office@islandcruisingclub.co.uk  or post to No. 3 Boat Store, Island Street, Salcombe, TQ8 8DP Yours sincerely Keith Baker                                                      Richard Brewster Rear Commodore - Cruising                        Rear Commodore - Treasurer